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Caring For Your Feet.

Our feet are very important to us. Many of us have no knowledge of proper footcare. Poor feet give posture distortions, fatigue and even degenerative illnesses. We may be born with good feet but damage them from lack of care.

Caring for our feet means cleaning our feet daily and choosing the right kind of shoes. Ill-fitting shoes kill your feet. High heels or narrow heels (stilettos) squeeze your forefoot into an unnatural position. Your calf muscles are shortened by this forced position. In the long run, your height will shrink. High heels are temporary elevations which actually cripple your muscles. Preventive medicine is wearing sensible shoes.

If you already have bunions, calluses, corns or carbuncles, then its high time you did something for your poor feet.

Daily footcare is so simple. For aching feet, instant relief can be obtained at the snap of your fingers.

Roll your feet back and forth over an old bottle. This is great for relieving aches and cramps.

Soak your feet in a pail of warm water with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Feet-wise, this relieves pressure and swelling. Nose-wise, the scent relaxes you and clears your nose.

Massage your own feet by rubbing on some foot lotion. Hand cream will also do. Massaging will improve blood circulation in your feet and relieve tiredness.

Auto-massage your feet by wearing health sandals with protrusions. These provide pressure to your soles and massage your feet as you walk.

Guard against ingrown toenails. Cut your toenails straight across. If you already have this condition, apply antiseptic daily to ward off infection.

If you are in pain for more than a week, its time to hobble to the doctor. Symptoms which warrant immediate medical attention are:
Your toe turns blue-black.

your toe is swollen or has abscess.

Blood accumulates inside your nail.

You are diabetic. Foot gangrene is a dangerous encounter that can lead to amputation.

Your feet may be enslaved to fashionable shoes. Why not free them by wearing flats and sandals? These help to strengthen your leg muscles.Caring for your feet will help you walk a long way in life.