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While there are numerous "cures" for a common nose bleed, the ones that work involve three things. The use of direct preessure; the formation of clots; and cooperation of the person bleeding to remain calm.

The quick cure goes like this:

First the victim tightly pinches their nose. This applies direct pressure and tends to limit blood flow. Next they are instructed to attempt to blow their nose as hard as they can stand without releasing the nostril or letting any air escape. This help the clot to form near the surface vessels. The next step is to hold the nose and the pressure for 15 to 30 seconds, then release your fingers and gently wipe or dab the remaining drops of blood. This is to make sure that the clots that have formed are not disturbed. If this doesn't work repeat the proceedure once more.

This usually works rather quickly as long as the victim keeps calm and follows the directions. Sometimes the victim will blow too hard and force blood out the nostril, but generally if the procedure is followed, blood flow is stopped within a minute. If not, call for medical assistance.