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Before we can talk about boosting the immune system, it is essential to discuss unhealthy habits that weaken the immune system. Obviously, to strengthen and boost the immune system involves removal of the enemies of the immune system. The bad factors that deteriorate health are unbalanced diet, drug / substance abuse, alcohol abuse, smoking, pollution, lack of exercise, stress, self-medication and ignorance. These are the factors that can be changed to repair the damage to the immune system. Uncontrollable factors that weaken the body are hereditary diseases, genetics, aging and immature physical development.

A healthy diet boosts the immune system. Sound nutrition comprised of varied foods, low-fat, high-fiber, greens, fruit, grains, fluids and  moderate sugar and salt intake. Herbs and spices are organic and better substitutes for artificial flavorings like sugar and salt.

Supplements are beneficial only in low dosage. This is because the older one gets, the amount of absorption decreases from the intestines. Too many chemicals would place stress on the kidney, which has to eliminate them.

Exercise promotes blood circulation and encourages healthy cell rejuvenation, growth and strength to fight diseases.

Sufficient rest and sleep are important for the body's immune system to strengthen itself to face the constant onslaught of radicals and other toxins in the bloodstream.

High levels of stress are bad for the immune system. Stress produces free radicals that bind with healthy cells, thus damaging them. Negative emotions such as anger, envy, depression and jealousy can also produce free radicals that are toxic to the body.

Smoking, alcohol, drugs and substance abuse are all bad for the immune system. These chemicals cause addiction which poisons the cells. When the bad cells go haywire in their functions, disease is the result. Bad cells are contagious. They spread to proliferate their kind. The body's immune system can only protect and fight disease only to a certain extent. It can't wage war if it is greatly outnumbered nor can it heal a full-fledged disease.

Neuro-psycho-immunology is the use of a positive, hopeful and interactive attitude towards life. It is supposed to release good hormones into the bloodstream which helps to beef up the immune system.

Pollution enters the lungs and harms the body. Physical, chemical and biological pollution are all silent killers which damage health without your realization. Do your best to remove pollutants, protect yourself from them or reduce their level of intensity that you are exposed to.

You can help your immune system from being overtaxed when you go for regular health check-ups. Please refrain from self-medication for serious illnesses.