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It's late at night or even the middle of the afternoon, you've got a nasty craving for something sweet. Your craving leads you as far as your refrigerator where that leftover pudding pie sits or to the vending machine at your workplace where those candy bars are looking amazingly appetizing. But believe it or not, you should not reach for either. There are some great tasting sweet treats you can indulge yourself in that have fewer calories than the foods you're about to eat.

ò When you're about to eat that leftover cake, put the plate down. You should instead have a fat-free waffle or a bagel. If you must, but some non-fat yogurt on your waffle to treat yourself a little extra.
ò If you find yourself about to order a pizza late at night, hang up the phone and get out the mozzarella and tomatoes. You can make your own low-fat pizza, by using a rice cake or a tortilla shell, put some tomato on it, some mozzarella cheese, and some spices. You'll be surprised at how good it actually tastes.
ò If you reach for that bag of fattening potato chips and are wanting something crunchy to put in your mouth, what about trying carrot and celery sticks? Carrots and celery have far fewer calories, and in the long run you'll feel better about yourself.
ò Want ice cream? Before you go out to order your favorite flavor of the frozen treat, what about eating some equally sweet frozen yogurt or some sherbert? Yogurt and sherbert have far fewer calories and are often just as tasty if you find your favorite flavors.
ò If you simply have a craving for something sweet, try some fresh fruit. Strawberries, bananas, and grapes make great snacks. And they're healthier, too. Try eating them in a big fruit bowl. Mix several different kinds of fruits together as a sampler bowl.
ò Instead of apple dumplings for dessert, try baking an apple on a fat-free waffle. This makes a great low-cal treat.