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10 Ways to achieve healthy hair

No matter what colour, length or style our hair is, we'd all like to have it looking shiny and healthy all the time. It needn't be a big a task as you may think. To achieve healthy hair all the time you just need to follow a few basic steps and keep doing it. It won't happen over night, but with perseverance you'll soon have people asking you the secret to healthy hair.

„h Make sure you wash you hair when it needs it. This is a different routine for everyone, some have to wash their hair every day, and others do it every other day. Find the routine that suits you and keeps your hair looking good all the time and stick to it.
„h Shampoo and condition thoroughly. You should only use a medium circle of shampoo, anymore and it will just take longer to rinse out (it doesn't make your hair cleaner the more bubbles you have). The amount of conditioner should be a little less.
„h Do not use two-in-ones, these are mainly for use at the gym. If you have to use it for this, fine.
„h Ensure that you cover all your hair in shampoo and gently massage the lather into all the hair. Do not rub. This will just tangle your hair and eventually give you split ends.
„h Make sure that you use the conditioner on the ends of your hair only. Using it in the roots can make your hair greasy.
„h Brush your hair often. This will not only keep it looking tangle-free but will stimulate new growth at the roots.
„h Don't tie your hair into a tight ponytail at the back for your head. Strain on the hair can make it thin. Loosen the band a little.
„h If you are going to sunbathe make sure you protect your hair. Wear a hat (especially if it is coloured, as it will make the colour fade). If you can, comb in a cream leave-in conditioner while you are out in the sun. It will protect your hair from the sun.
„h Use the right hairbrush for your style and length of hair. Ask a hairdresser their advice for your hairbrush.
„h Don't use too many styling products, hot air products or colours on your hair. With prolonged use it only weakens the shaft and will make it look tired, no matter how well you wash and condition your hair.