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Hay Fever blights summer for one in five of us and the number of sufferers increases all the time. This is because increased levels of pollution causes increased sensitivity to allergies. The symptoms are caused by histamine, which is produced by the body as an immune response to the allergen pollen.

Sadly there is no cure but relief is avalable in many forms.

Tips to prevent Hay Fever

* Wear sunglasses to prevent the pollen from getting into your eyes
* Keep the car windows shut while driving
* Shower and change when you get home
* Dust your home and car regularly as pollen is present even in small particles
* Coat the inside of your nose with vaseline
* Make sure your diet has lots of fruits and vegetables as this boosts the immune system ,though it is advisable to avoid apples as they contain a protein which make matters worse

Drugs and Other Remedies

* Anti histamines are available and can be used after consultation with your doctor.The antihistamines block the release of histamines and are increasingly becoming sophisticated older brands like chlorpheniramine can cause drowsiness, newer products don't.
* Alternatively herbal tablets are available, which treat symptons rather than prevent symptoms.
* Homeopathic preparations are preventatives.
* Spectacles which filter the air around your eye are available and can be used to prevent the pollen entering the eye.
* Aromatic tissues are impregnated with vapours that help to dry up the mucous

If your symptoms are still severe, you may need immunotherapy, wherein pollen is injected under the skin until your body learns to accept it.

The tips I have mentioned don't take much in terms of time and effort but as they say every little bit helps.