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There are more and more news reports detailing the woes of our sleepless society. From auto accidents to domestic abuse, the effects of not getting enough quality sleep are sometimes deadly. Here are a few tips to getting better sleep.

First, maintain a regular sleeping schedule. Although this is nearly impossible for those who work swing shifts, for most of us it is just a matter of being disciplined. This allows your body to recognize when it is tired and keeps you from getting overly fatigued.

Second, hit the sack only when you are truly sleepy. It is not a good thing to lie in bed for longer than 20 minutes without falling asleep. If you are not tired enough to fall asleep, get up and do something. Don't do work in bed, but it is OK to read in bed. Remove all other distractions from your bedroom. Most experts agree that watching TV in bed can be harmful to your sleep patterns. If you are watching an action movie it can increase your adrenaline levels and prevent you from sleeping for up to an hour.

If you take naps, do so carefully. Naps should be 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Some of the most brilliant minds in history have been nappers, including Einstein and DiVinci. Use naps to give you a boost of energy during the middle of the day, but don't sleep over the 20 minute time limit. If you sleep longer than this, you will enter the deepest level of sleep and it will be difficult to wake up and feel alert for the rest of the day. It could also affect your night time sleep schedule.

Be careful what you eat and drink. It can have a huge effect on your sleep patterns. We all know that caffeine can keep us up at night, but do you know all the foods that have caffeine in them? Any food with chocolate has caffeine. Most people don't realize that some teas also have caffeine. Alcohol can also interrupt sleep patterns. You might think that people who pass out from alcohol will be very well rested, but alcohol prevents you from entering the deepest phase of sleep. Because of this, you would wake up tired.

Last but not least, exercise for better sleep at night. When we wear out our muscles, expend all our energy and work out all our stress we are going to be better rested. It's one benefit of working out that many people do not realize they are getting.

Follow these tips for better sleep and you will be amazed how it can change your life. When you are well rested you will have more patience and a much better attitute. And we all know how catching good attitudes are. Do your part in making the work a better place to live---get a good night's sleep.