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If you've ever wound that waxy thread around your fingertips and then tried to force it through the tiny space between your teeth, you know that flossing is not as simple as the Dental Hygenist makes it look. It may be good for your teeth and gums, but it sure can hurt your poor fingertips! Not to mention the hassle of winding and re-winding the slippery string as the pressure of forcing it between your teeth pulls it loose.

There's got to be an easier way!

One alternative is the Braun Oral B Interclean (R) flosser. This interesting product looks a lot like an electric toothbrush, except that where you'd normally find the brush, you'll find a pointy plastic tip with a thread-thin filament that rotates and can dart in and out. It's that plastic filament that you insert between each of your teeth. Its spinning motion cleans the plaque from between your teeth.

One of the trickiest parts of using the Interclean is holding the plastic tip at just the right angle and location between your teeth to allow the filament to insert into the available space. For this reason, you'll want to use the product while you're standing in front of a mirror. Before long, you'll learn just how to hold the Interclean to get the best results.

1. Put a new tip on the Interclean each time before you use it. You may also need to replace the tip once or twice during each session, if the filament bends or stops coming out of the tip. As you get better at holding the Interclean in place, you'll be able to replace tips less frequently (but always use a new one for each session).

2. Slide the switch on the Interclean handle upward once or twice to test that the filament comes out of the tip and rotates. It's important to make sure that this is working before you start cleaning your teeth and to check it periodically while cleaning your teeth. If the filament isn't coming out of the tip properly, it won't be effective in cleaning your teeth.

3. Hold your Interclean like an electric toothbrush, and position the tip perpendicular to your teeth, just at the gum line. You'll probably want to start with the space between your front teeth, because it's generally one of the easiest to clean.

4. Slide the switch on the Interclean handle and hold it up (so that the filament is out and spinning) for 2-3 seconds. You'll feel the filament spinning and cleaning the space between your teeth.

5. Release the switch and the filament retracts into the tip.

6. Move the Interclean tip to the space between the next to teeth, right at the gum line, and repeat Steps 3 and 4. Continue until each set of teeth has been cleaned.