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Trying to decide whether to get corrective surgeries can be among the most difficult decisions you'll face in your lifetime. These are surgeries that you likely don't need, but simply want to make you look better or feel better. Many times these surgeries can actually improve certain health ailments.


Implants can change the way you look. They can change the shape, form, size, or colorings of a body part. Implants are typically done in your nose, chin, cheek, jaw, or breast. These implants can be natural substances installed under your skin, or they might be artificial parts created to fit your particular needs. Typical procedures can take anywhere from half an hour to three hours, depending on the complexity of the surgery. The patient is generally sedated. You may experience certain side effects to implants. If you have breast implants, your implants may break, causing one breast to be smaller than the other, and studies have shown that people who have breast implants are at a greater risk for certain diseases. Side effects to facial implants include swelling, bruising, and numbness. Some people also have temporary problems using the body parts that were implanted for a few days.


A chemical peel is used when someone wants to remove blemishes and wrinkles and replace the skin with clear smooth skin using a chemical solution to burn off the skin's top layers. This takes a couple hours, but depending on how much of a skin area is involved, the procedure could take several days. Side effects may include a swelling and tingling in the affected area. If you have a chemical peel performed, that particular area of skin loses its ability to tan.


This is a procedure that tightens sagging or fatty looking facial skin in order to give you a tighter, smoother, younger appearance. This procedure lasts several hours and can cause bruising or swelling in the skin that's involved. Your skin may also feel tender for a few days.


We're not talking about liposuction that clears out huge chunks of fat in those who are overweight. A tummy tuck is meant to help the person who is more or less fit, but can't seem to work off a patch of fat that is in his/her tummy, no matter how much exercise he/she gets. Doctors will remove any excess fat and skin and tighten muscles in your abdomen in order to flatten your abdomen. It can take as long as five hours, and the patient is typically sedated during the procedure. The side effects include numbness of the area, bruising, exhaustion, and swelling for several weeks. But after that, there are typically few problems with the tummy tuck procedure.

If you're looking to have cosmetic surgery, you should consider all the pros and cons before you get started. Carefully talk over your options with your physician and your family before you make this major decision.