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Have you ever heard the word quacksalver? It originated a couple hundred years ago and has been whittled down to the word quack. A quack is a person who pushes false or useless remedies or treatments. Sometimes it's a doctor, sometimes it's a multi-level marketer. A Snake Salesman is the same thing as a quack,you can find them pedaling their oils and ointments in more advanced markets than the soap box on a street corner like in days of old! Now you can buy the miracle cure on the Internet, from radio or T.V. advertisements, or the back of a magazine.

Year after year people throw away a ton of money on the miracle cure, pill or salve! Health fraud is big business. It is estimated that forty million Americans have used a fraudulent health product over the past year at the cost of 27 billion dollars a year.

Some people try every new cure-all that comes a long. Here are some examples of just a few of the millions out there. Very costly shampoos and conditioners to prevent hair thinning. People get hooked on these shampoos
expecting to grow hair and 5 years later their hair looks thinner than it did then. Another cure-all is plastic filled jelly roll bed-liners that if slept on will drain away all the stress and poison from the body. There are also gelly filled inserts to wear in shoes that are supposed to work miracles. There are the never ending food supplements to increase fat burning that never work.
Let’s not forget the info-mercials about never having to shave your legs again. For $29.50 you can get a bottle of this ‘very powerful sticky stuff' that will magically pull the hair off your legs. What is this powerful stuff?

We all want miracles to happen in our lives and that is why we are so vulnerable to these gimmicks! Sick people are easy targets to quacks and kooks pushing weird treatments that don't work. Using your common sense and a few guidelines to avoid being taken in will save you a ton of money.

Check out credentials: Ask about the provider's education and professional training. Listen for these words in the sales pitch: miraculous, instant relief, secret, quick and easy, ancient, rediscovered. These words are a tip-off of a
possible snake oil salesman!

Where is the product being sold? If this is an exclusive product that is not being sold in the stores -it's possibly a useless product.

The top health fraud products are instant weight-loss diet drinks and pills, arthritis cures, cancer clinics, bogus AIDS cures, baldness cures, sexual aids, false nutritional schemes and breast enhancers.

This article is in no way saying that all multi-level marketing or info-mercial products are fraudulent. There are many products and treatments that are legitimate. It is merely a voice of warning to use your common sense in
spotting quacks and snake salesman so you won't be tossing your money and hopes down the drain!