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More American women acquire breast cancer than any other form of cancer. Make sure you know the symptoms and treatments, so you can hopefully avoid becoming a victim of this nasty condition.

The only real factor that is known so far to contribute to a woman's tendency to acquire breast cancer is the woman's age. The older she is, the more likely she'll be to acquire breast cancer.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

The most common symptom of breast cancer is a lump found in your breast. This lump won't be painful at all, so the only way to notice it is by feeling your breasts. Other symptoms of breast cancer include a fluid discharge from your nipple, a lump or swelling under your arms, redness on the skin on your breast, or dimples on your nipples.

How can you prevent breast cancer?

Conducting frequent self exams is the best defense against breast cancer. You should conduct breast exams on yourself each month. The best time to conduct this self exam is to do it about a week after your menstrual period starts. This is the time when your breasts are the least tender. You can also get an examination by a medical professional. You should have this done every two or three years.

Become familiar with the shape and feel of your breasts. Know what they look and feel like, so when you conduct your monthly exams, you can better identify any changes that may occur. When you conduct your exam, raise your arms above your head and turn your body to look for any abnormal changes in your breasts. Then squeeze each nipple to check for any discharge. Use the flat part of your hand to work around your breasts feeling the outer parts of your breasts. Then again raise your arm over your head and with your other hand check the inner parts of your breast and in the area near your armpits.