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After walking up a flight of stairs you look in the mirror at yourself, after you catch your breath. You look terrible. Your skin is dull and dry, your hair is a mess and with summer here, you wouldn't dare put on a pair of sandals because your feet look awful. But besides all of the outside appearance problems, you are mainly concerned at how your body is out of shape. You're completely out of breath from walking up some stairs and you know you are overweight. You need help. But if you can't afford to go off to an expensive spa for a total treatment, what can you do?

The first thing is to start your own exercise program. If you don't have money to join a health club, do it yourself. Start off with walking at least three times a week, after doing that for a couple of weeks, slowly start jogging along with your walk. The best routine to do until you are completely in shape is to mix it. Start off walking, then jog, walk, then jog until you feel comfortable enough to jog for a period of time and finish up your routine with a brisk walk. Go to a toy store and buy a jump rope and a soccer ball. Start jumping rope and go to a park to kick the soccer ball around as if you were a kid again. This is a good way to start a regular cardiovascular workout that is not expensive. The only money you have spent so far for a regular workout is a jump rope and soccer ball. Everything else is free.

Lets get your skin back glowing without breaking the bank. The first thing is to start washing your face twice a day with Dove Beauty Bar. It works on all types of skin and you can buy it at a grocery store. Give yourself a steam facial once a week by boiling some water, pour into a bowl and cover your face with a towel over the bowl for ten minutes. Then put a facial treatment that you have mixed with a banana, one tablespoon of honey and a drop of orange juice on your face for about fifteen minutes. Do this facial and steam treatment once a week with washing your face twice a day and you will have great skin again. The only thing you will have to buy is the soap, you should have everything else in your home already.

Decide on a nice convenient and easy haircut. The best thing is to go into a Super Cuts for them to cut your hair and then go back every six weeks afterwards for a trim. They are much cheaper than going to a regular hair salon. You can wash and condition your own hair at home weekly by buying a combination of a shampoo and conditioner product already together to use. Style your hair yourself by blow drying or letting it dry naturally. Your hair will be back in good shape by doing a wash and condition treatment weekly with a trim every six weeks.

It's summertime and you can't afford to get a pedicure every week, give yourself one at home. Invest in buying a pedicure set that can cost as much as paying for a weekly pedicure in a salon. This is a one time purchase that you should invest in. That way you won't have a weekly bill that you would have if you paid a professional every week. Follow these simple steps and you will have a professional looking pedicure. First remove all polish off your nails, cut nails straight across, file nails, buff nails, apply cuticle remover all over nails, soak immediately in warm soapy water, push back cuticles, dry feet and dab on cuticle oil, remove callus buildup by giving soles and heels a scrub with a buffing paddle and your last step is to put space separators between your toes and polish your nails. Ten steps to perfectly beautiful feet.

You don't have to spend a fortune to get your body back in shape and looking good. There are so many inexpensive things that you can do. With stopping and dedicating that quality time on yourself and buying a couple of things, you can look and feel as good as if you have had things done professional. Just think with all the money you are saving by doing maintance on yourself, you can splurge and sometimes go off to one of those fantastic spa's for a total treatment and live like a queen. You deserve it.