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Almost everyone has been stricken with painful back muscles from time to time. In many cases this strain afflicts the lower back, but depending on the cause it can affect the upper back muscles as well. When you stricken with any type of back pain every movement of your body is an uncomfortable reminder. The basic treatment for any type of back pain is rest, heat and pain relieving medications. In some cases taking a half hour soak in warm water with epsom salts will help. Even lying on a firm mattress with a heating pad beneath your back can help. While aspirin or acetaminophen will relieve the pain, some types of back pain slow to go away and difficult to live with. There are many different reasons for backaches. In most cases severe or recurring pain is caused by a wide range of physical or psychological ailments. It is always wise to see a doctor when any backache begins so it can be properly diagnosed and treated.
Lifting or sudden awkward motions can cause episodes of acute muscle spasms. It is well known by most people that to avoid such strains you should always allow you leg muscles to do most of your lifting work. When you are lifting an object you should bend your knees and hold the object you are lifting close to your body. When you are prone to backaches you should avoid games such as tennis that require abrupt movements. Most people develop a chronic backache when their back is trying to signal that it can't take the way you are treating it. When you have ruled out spinal injury or illness and you still have chronic pain, it will be necessary to look for the cause within your life style. When you are over weight you back could be carrying too great a burden. Loosing even 10 pounds in the tummy area will often relieve this pain. Weak back or abdominal muscles due to inactivity is another reason for backaches. If you tend to slump or have bad posture you will need to learn to hold your back straight and try to sleep on a firm mattress to relieve your backache. When you are sitting down try to sit on hard straight chairs to help you correct your posture.
When your work requires you to sit for long periods of time, always get up and walk around about every hour or so to prevent backaches. If you are prone to frequent backaches you can strengthen the bones and cartilage by taking calcium, magnesium with vitamins C and D. Some hospitals have had success using bromelain to reduce inflammation and pain in people with back pain. Glucosamine is known to build cartilage, including the tissue supporting the spinal disk while white willow bark tends to have a pain relieving action similar to aspirin. A study done in Germany showed that people treated with devils claw herb found themselves pain free after only one month. Although it is not uncommon for a doctor to recommend a week or two off bed rest for back pain, recent studies have shown that unless you have a slipped disc, only one or two days of bed rest are needed.
Last but not least, wear comfortable footwear to help with back pain. When you are certain the pain is muscular try therapeutic massage. See a chiropractor to have your spine aligned and use lower back supports in your chair if you sit for long periods of time.