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A windowbox is a gorgeous accent to the front of your home, and with a little planning, can be trouble free as well. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to pick a windowbox suitable for the job and mount it properly. The ideal windowbox is at least nine inches deep, although the deeper the better in this case, as the deeper it is the more room the roots will have to grow and spread.

You will need to mount the windowbox securely to your house with a set of “L” brackets, and be certain that the box is not directly against the house. This would allow moisture to become trapped in between and rot the side of your house. Leaving even a half an inch of space allows the air to circulate along the wall.

Once you have your boxes securely mounted on the wall, it is time to fill them up. Before you decide what type of flower you would like to use, determine if your plants will be in the sun or shade. If the plants are going to get more than six hours of sun a day you want to get flowers that do well in the sun, if they will get less, you should get shade loving flowers. Pick a variety of flowers to add depth and contrast to your window. Upright flowers, such as poppies, nicotiana, and salvia add vertical interest. Trailing flowers, such as lobelia, nasturtium and phlox fill out the base of the planter, and “fillers”, such as stock, sweet alyssum and marigold act much the same way that baby’s breath acts in a floral arrangement, filling in and adding dimension.

Now that you have your flowers picked out, it is time to start planting. Fill the boxes three quarters full with potting soil, mixing in some slow release fertilizer as you go. Plant your upright plants first followed by your trailing flowers. Now “fill in” with your fillers, leaving enough room for your flowers to mature. Once you like how your windowbox looks you can water it thoroughly and you are done. To maintain the look of your flowerbox, check it thoroughly, as it will need watered more than similar flowers planted in a flower bed, and check your windowboxes often, as the weight of the soil can cause the brackets to pull loose unexpectedly.