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Of all of the toadstools, only a few are good to eat. Most don’t actually taste of anything and others are extremely unpleasant. Some will cause harmful effects and must be avoided at all costs.

The most poisonous of them all are The Death Cap and the Destroying Angel. Eating either of these usually results in death. It is fairly uncommon to find theses in local or natural habitat and so few people have actually physically seen them. If however you are lucky enough to view what you think is either of the poisonous mushrooms above you must not touch, smell or go anywhere near them - definately do not pick them.

There are toadstools which are poisonous but not quite deadly. These will give adverse effects such as a bad stomasch ache and vomitting if touched and eaten:

The death cap; a tall stem with a rounded beige cap.

The Destroying angel; a tall white stem with a pointed white cap.

The Panther Cap; a tall white stem with a brown speckled cap.

Fly agaric; a tall stem with a red speckled flat cap. Thses types of toadstools are often depicted in fairytales and cartoons, however they are poisonous and again should not be touched or approached.

Yellow stainer; a tall stem with a white and yellow rounded cap. Theses will omit a yellow kliqui to anything that touches it. This stain is the poisonous part of the toadstool so keeping a distance from any seen is important.

Inocybe patouillardi; an arrow-shaped toadstool light beige in colour. These are quite rare and are not often seen.

Sickener (Russula emeetica); a white stem with a flat dark red cap. Thses give a very bad stomach ache which willl result in vomitting and cramps for as long as one week.

Devil’s boletus; a thick stem with a thick rounded white cap. The underneath is red.

The panther cap is slightly less poisonous that the death cap and the destroying angel.

Devil’s Boletus and the striking red and white fly agaric are very poisonous but not fatal.

The most difficult to identify is the Inocybe. The yellow stainer can be mistaken for a field mushroom but its flesh stains yellow when bruised or touched. Alarming symptoms can occur when eating this toadstool, but victime always recover.

The Russula emetica may cause sickness but again is not fatal.

If you come across any toadstools, fungi or mushrooms while out, the best advice is not to touch, go near, eat or pick them.