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I have always wanted to have a beautiful rose garden and have finally discovered the way to do it. First I am very careful about the plants that I purchase. The ones with a sturdy and thick stalk seem to be the best producers. Once the plants chosen have been brought home I prepare the ground for them. I dig a hole two inches larger around than the plant base and deep enough to bury the entire root system. I then fill the hole with water and cat or dog food. I leave it this way for about a half of an hour. I then fill the hole with water again and insert the rose, and fill in with remaining dirt. I have in my yard a container that is filled half way with water. Each day I take the leftover vegetables, or grain products from my table and put them into this container. I also put the petals from my roses in there as they fall off of the plant.
When clipping my roses, I clip just above where there is a V on the stem, and this will usually produce two more shoots. Once a week I pour enough of my special brew to circle the base of the plant. This really has helped my plants to double and some triple in size, and it also eliminates that left over food problem.