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A wonderful way to greet spring and say goodbye to winter is to plant and appreciate tulips. You need to plan ahead though and remember to plant the bulbs in autumn for next spring’s bloom. Tulips provide a beautiful display of color in April and early May.

In the fall, choose your tulip bulbs at your neighborhood garden center or order some on the Internet at various garden sites. Be sure to buy bulbs that are specifically selected for your region and climate. There is a wonderful array of colors available. Give some thought about the flowers and scrubs around the area that your tulips will be placed and coordinate a color scheme. Plant the bulbs anytime before the ground freezes.

HOW: Using a small shovel, dig down eight to ten inches in your outdoor flowerbed. It will be best if the hole has a level bottom. Place the bulb in the hole, flat side down and pointed end up. Space the bulbs a few inches apart in the loose dirt or closer together in a group. Plant them in an area with good drainage and in full sunshine. Sprinkle with a little bulb fertilizer and cover with dirt again.

Now, just wait for spring and enjoy the colors!