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The process of planting a tree can mean the difference between a healthy place for a tree and a messy yard or garden with an unhealthy piece of vegetation. You need to find a tree that fits your need and plant it properly. Consult with someone at a nursery about your needs and what's available. You want to pick out a healthy tree and one that has a fairly large root system, so it will grow well in your yard. Properly planting a tree is essential in the life of your tree. If it's not done properly, your tree can die quickly–or not grow properly. Your main goal when planting a tree is to do it so your tree stays and grows healthily.

• Plant the tree in the spring. That's the best time, generally. This is the season when growing begins. And planting during this time of year can give your tree the longest possible growing season. If you wait til the fall, you don't want to promote it's growth when general plant life in your region is dying.
• Dig a hole twice the size of the root container. You want to make sure the root system has a deep enough and large enough place to grow.
• Take the tree out of any burlap, plastic wrap or any kind of container. You don't want to put the container in the ground.
• Cut the roots back. When you remove the root system from the container, cut them back a bit. This will encourage the roots to grow outward rather than downward or upward.
• When you put the roots in the hole, you want to encourage the roots not to grow circularly, so try untangling them as best you can. Let the roots grow outward from the base of the tree. The healthiest trees grow their roots a few feet in the ground and away from the tree itself. In addition, make sure the roots don't risk entangling themselves in underground pipes or wires. This can not only damage the tree but also the underground equipment.
• Chop up the dirt that you originally dug from the hole, so the dirt won't be hard and keep the roots from being able to break through them. Hard dirt might also keep needed moisture from getting to the roots.
• Put the dirt back in the hole. Cover the root system in its entirety.

Further, you want to treat the tree with respect. When bringing it home from the nursery, be careful not to damage it. Make sure you hold it firmly and protect it as much as possible--especially the roots. If the roots of a tree get damaged, your tree won't grow as easily and may not grow at all.