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Using a pesticide is often the solution to your pest problems in your garden and yard. But it doesn't always solve the complete problem. Here are some tips on choosing the proper pesticides for your garden and using them appropriately.

• You want to find the pesticide that will properly treat your particular problem. Be sure to read the labels on the pesticides in the store before you buy. You want to make sure the pesticide you're considering is one you actually are capable of using and one that will solve your problem.
• You don't want to put more pesticide on your garden that the product calls for. An overdoes can cause potential problems for you and for the environment.
• Don't let your children or pets near your garden once you're spraying and after you spray. The pesticide can be harmful–possibly deadly–to them.
• Use a mask, if you can when spraying the pesticide on your garden or yard. The fumes can be dangerous to people, and using a mask can alleviate that problem.
• Keep your pesticide sitting on a level surface when you store it away. You don't want to spill the pesticide or break the container; that can cause environmental problems.
• If you do spill pesticide on your clothes or on your skin, you want to remove that immediately. It can cause damage. Use soap and water and wash your clothes immediately.
• Always keep your pesticides in appropriate containers. Keep the containers well labeled. You don't want to put your pesticides in any bottles that could be mistaken for beverages.
• Read the labels on your pesticides closely. Labels and directions exist so that you can properly take care of you pesticide container and use your pesticide.
• When you are finished using a container of pesticide and it's empty, throw it away by first wrapping it in layers of newspaper. Then tie it together so the newspaper will catch any leaks. You then want to place the container in a trash can and cover it.