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The lily-of-the-valley is a sweet smelling, small plant, which produces bell shaped flowers. This lovely plant is deceiving with its sweet smell, its berries and flowers are poisonous.

This plant blooms flowers of white or pink, its berries are pale orange to red. The plant grows well in shade areas. It will naturally spread out making it an exceptional choice for groundcover. If planted at the edge of a rock garden it offers a delicate color in contrast to most alpine plants.

The lily-of-the-valley grows well with Solomon’s seal, they both bloom at the same time. They both produce white flowers but the size variations compliment each other well. The Hostas is also a perfect partner for the lily-of-the-valley.

The lily-of-the-valley is an easy and simple plant to add to your flower garden. There are a few simple steps to follow, and then you can enjoy this beautiful flower for yourself.

You will need:

Lily-of-the-valley pips
Garden shovel
Plastic sheet

1. Dig a hole about six inches deep, add compost and mix well with soil. Then refill hole.

2. Wait a week, and then re-dig hole about 1 1/2 inches deep. Then place pips in hole, spacing them ten to twelve inches apart. Recover with soil, place soil firmly. Water well.

3. Once growth has begun and flower has sprouted, fertilize with a liquid fertilizer.

Please take note, the first year there are usually no blooms. The lily-of-the-valley is known to bloom its second year.