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Everybody would like to have a greener, healthier-looking grass. They want the best-looking lawn in town, and that means having grass that is bright green. Yet, no matter how much you water your lawn, no matter how many different types of fertilizers you use and how you mow your lawn, it just doesn't get any greener. Here are some ways you can make your grass greener.

• Buy a better grass. Spend more money than you're used to spending on grass seed, and get a higher quality seed. Get a certified seed. This type of seed has fewer weed seed
• Water deep into your soil. Many people water their lawns a lot, but don't water the soil underneath their lawn. You want your grass to grow deep roots. The more water you provide deeper into your soil, the deeper the roots will grow. A good rule of thumb is that an inch of water will go about half an inch deep.
• Water in the morning. You need to give your lawn several hours of sunshine in order for it to dry out. If you water it in the evening hours, you're opening your lawn up to the opportunity to have too much moisture for too long. This can mean that diseases are more easy to form.
• Don't cause your lawn too much stress. You want to keep your lawn at a reasonable length. Make sure you don't cut more than a third of the blade off at one time. This can cause too much stress on the blade.
• Make sure you provide your grass with loose soil. Till your soil regularly. You want to make sure water is able to get to the roots of your grass.
• Fertilize in the fall months. That gives your fertilizer several months to treat your roots before your lawn will start growing strongly. If you fertilize in the spring, you'll be fighting a rapidly growing lawn all season long.