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How's your green thumb? Did it wilt and turn brown? Well, fear not. There are some plants out there that even you can not kill. Here are a few that need only minimal watering and light.

a.. Aspidistra - this one's tolerance for neglect is so well known it's called the "cast iron plant." It has tall, dark green four-inch wide leaves and grows to two and one-half feet high. It's striking brownish-purple flowers hide near the bottom of the leaves.
Care: Water only when soil begins to dry out. Keep in a window with northern or eastern exposure since it requires low light.

b.. Dracaena - this one's ideal for hot, dry rooms. Sometimes marked with red or creamy white stripes, its sword-like leaves arch gracefully out of a strong central stem and can grow up to five feet high.
Care: Needs only a warm spot with strong light. Water weekly or when soil starts to feel dry.

c.. Philodendron - this one looks like a plant but is considered a vine and can be grown as a hanging plant. Caution-its leaves are poisonous if accidentally ingested.
Care: It can thrive in medium light and even moisture or tolerate dryness and poor light. Believe it or not, it grows best when its roots are cramped.

d.. India Rubber Plant - this one will survive anywhere, but will grow quicker if it has light.
Care: Does not like drafts, wants to be kept evenly moist and likes weekly misting.

e.. Spider Plant - this hanging plant needs little care. Its long, skinny, green-and-white, grasslike leaves grow in small clusters or plantlets on long, thin stems.
Care: Bright but indirect light and even temperatures is what this one prefers. It also likes soil that is kept moist but not wet. If you see a brown leaf, feed it a teaspoon of lime.

Now you're ready to turn your home into a greenhouse!