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Would you like to control pests in your yard and garden without using harsh, dangerous chemicals? You can, and you may be surprised at how safe and easy it is.

Ants, fleas, and many other types of bugs are repelled by a human-safe concoction of soap flakes and water. This mixture may be sprayed anywhere in your yard, in your flower beds, and even in your vegetable garden.

This simple soap flake/water mixture will drastically reduce the pest population around your home. Using a box of mild soap flakes, mix a cup of soap with a couple of cups of plain water, and pour the "soup" into a sprayer. Next, spray your yard the same way you would if you were spraying it with chemicals. The soap is non-toxic, dissipates quickly, and leaves no harmful chemical residue on your lawn. Fleas, ants, and other annoying bugs will be driven away.

You may also use this mixture on your flower beds and gardens. It will not harm your delicate flowers, nor will you have to scrub dangerous pesticides off your fresh fruits and vegetables. Try spraying the soap mixture directly onto the garden plants to effectively repel bugs, worms, and aphids.

If you have a problem with ant beds in your yard, you may find it helpful to mix up a stronger concentrate and pour it directly onto the mound. You can even pour the dry soap flakes onto the hill. The ants will quickly start to scatter, and many will die immediately from contact with the soap. If ants have been coming into your home, find the outside source and treat it with the soap mixture. You may also find that sprinkling soap flakes thickly around the base of your house will help repel insects.

Should the pests come back, repeat the treatments as needed. The soap will not harm your grass or shrubbery, and there will be no harsh chemical buildup to worry about. You may also use a mixture of liquid dish detergent and water instead of soap flakes.