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Grape vines require support in order to reach a healthy growth rate and permit easy access for care and harvest. Although there are many types of supports ranging from small trellises to fancy arbors, the simplest method involves stringing wire between poles. Most of these trellises use two or three wires, depending on pruning management.

The plants will begin to need support after a year of growing but it is easiest to erect the trellis before planting the grapes. This will allow the plants to grow in convenient proximity to the trellis and prevent accidental damage that could result from digging near the plants.

To build a trellis for six plants you will need:

7 posts: 4 x 4" x 8'
3 horizontal braces: 2 x 4" x 16'
100' wire, #12 gauge
4 screw eyes
2 turnbuckles

Decide where you want to build your trellis, how many plants you'll need, and how much space to devote to each plant. Most grape plants need 8 to 10 feet of space between them, so six plants will use a 48' trellis. A simpler 28' trellis for three plants can also be built but the posts will tend to sag inward without support. The posts can be spaced as desired, but optimum spacing is a post on each end and one between each plant. 2 x 4 braces across the top of the posts will add further support.

After deciding on a site, drive the stakes at each end of your space, 48' apart for the six-plant design. Tie a string between them and measure spaces for the support posts and grape plants. Use seven posts at 8' intervals for best results. Drive stakes at all these locations.

Dig the holes for the posts and the plants. The plant holes should be 12" across and 16 to 18" deep. Postholes should be 2' deep. Put the posts in their holes and fill around them with concrete, extending it aboveground and rounding it so that water will not pool against the post.

Once the cement has set, you may string the two wires. Anchor the wires at one end post with screw eyes. At the opposite post the wires will be held with turnbuckles fastened to screw eyes. To attach the wires to the posts between, use large fencing staples. Do not drive them in too tightly, the wires need to move freely. You can also drill holes through the posts and run the wires through them. Fasten the 2 x 4 horizontal braces in place across the top of the posts, making sure all posts are plumb.

Once you have the trellis completed you may proceed with planting your grapes according to growing instructions.