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Outdoor pests can do significant damage to your lawn and garden: you need to take some preventative measures in order to keep your pests out and encourage them to leave. Here are some tips.

• Learn which plants make good natural repellants and plant them occasionally throughout your lawn and garden. For instance, if you plant rosemary and thyme next to your cabbage, you'll keep worms away from your cabbage plants, because worms won't go near rosemary and thyme.
• There are some varieties of plants that are actually insect repellant. Insects won't go near these plants. Many herbal plants repel insects, such as thyme and garlic.
• Get rid of all dead leaves and plant remains after the growing season is over. If you leave old plants lingering around, that will attract unwanted pests.
• When you shop for new plants and seeds, check them thoroughly to make sure they're not infected before you buy them and put them in your garden.
• Remove all weeds from your garden and grass. Weeds naturally attracted pests, and those pests will make themselves feel right at home in other areas of your garden as well.
• A natural way of removing pests is to prepare a mix of soap and water, using a small, harmless level of soap. Usually two or three tablespoons of soap per gallon of water will suffice. If you spray this mix on your plants, that will keep your pests away.
• Vary your planting cycle. If you plant the same plants in the same spots each year, there may be certain pests that live deep underground and wait for your annual plantings. If you mix up your garden a bit each year, the pests may not have a chance to attack the same vegetation.
• Use some animals to your advantage. If you have certain birds, frogs, or lizards around your garden, they will often feed off these pests and remove the unwanted creatures for you.