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Vegetables and melons planted too early or late in the season can be the cause of a gardener’s greatest disappointment. Because of this, to raise a successful garden it is most important that the gardener know how long it will take their seeds to reach fruitation.
-From seed to harvest, beans and beets will take no less than 60 days.
-Brussel sprouts average 90 days, while most cabbage will need to grow from 50 to 105 days with Danish Ballhead taking the longest to produce.
-Snow King cauliflower will take about 45 days, but Snowball cauliflower can take up to 65 days.
-The average growing time for celery is 110 days, with corn taking 100 days.
-Cucumbers will take from 54 to 60 days.
-Eggplant is usually ready to harvest in 70 days.
-Lettuce is not ready for picking for 45 days while peas take at least 62 days.
-Melons will need to grow for 75 to 90 days while peppers can take between 62 to 84 days, depending on the type.
-Radishes are ready in a mere 23 days and most squash can be harvested in 48 days.
-Spinach is ready in 60 days but watermelon will take about 82 to 83 days.
-Last but not least is one of every gardeners’ favorites. The tomato, with its numerous varieties, have some like the Early Salad that are ready in 45 days while others like the Roma can take up to 76 days and the big juicy Beefsteak needs 96 days to harvest.