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The foxglove is considered a skyscraper in gardens. They add vertical lines of beautiful blossoms to any flower garden.

The foxglove is a tall plant, with blooms of purple, yellow, rose or white blooms. The flower stalks grow from a bush of leaves. A single plant is capable of growing various multicolored offspring.

Foxgloves are most often planted as a backdrop for flower gardens. They look great when planted with plants that have round flower heads; these provide a stunning contrast to the foxglove’s vertical lines. Foxgloves also work will with flowering shrubs; they are tall enough to see through the shrubbery.

Classic flowers such as Sweet William, geraniums, and alyssum grow well in the same soil as foxgloves. Summer flowers such as petunias also bloom the same time the foxglove does. These spring and summer flowers are perfect partners for all species of the foxglove.

The foxglove is a very simple plant to grow. By following these simple steps, you can soon enjoy this sight filled pleasures.

You will need:

Foxglove plant
Wire hanger

1. Dig a hole five to ten inches, wide enough for the plant to fit into the hole. Add a handful of compost and mix well with soil.

2. Set the plant in the hole; return soil and firmly pat soil around the roots.

3. Lay one-inch layer of mulch around the new plant. In spring fertilize.