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Dwarfed trees can be rewarding in many ways. Trees grown in this manner solve the problems of limited growing space, the necessity of climbing ladders to pick fruits and makes pruning easier. Up to ten dwarfed trees can be planted in the space it takes for one full size tree. Dwarf trees are produced by grafting a standard variety tree onto specialized root stock. Trees can also be dwarfed by inserting a special stem section. Another plus for trees that are dwarfed is they will usually bear more quickly than full size trees.
To use the root stock system of dwarfing, visit a local nursery and purchase a dwarf root system for the type of fruit you plan to grow. The dwarf root stock should have a small amount of trunk showing. Be sure you have a full size tree of the same type that can be grafted to the root stock. Graft the top portion of the full size tree to the root stock and seal. Place this root system in the ground or large pot ensuring that the graft area is 2 inches above the soil. Be sure all the roots are covered with soil. Using your fingers work around the root area to remove any air pockets. If you prefer to dwarf by inter-stem grafting, use a full size fruit tree root system with about 6 inches of trunk and graft a dwarfing truck section to this. Whip grafting is perfect for this union if both trees are the same size.
Dwarfed trees will need more care than full size trees and will need to be staked permanently so they won't topple over under the weight of their fruit. Always be sure to secure grafts with waxed thread, twine or adhesive tape after sealing with sealing wax. A healthy graft will appear as a bulge.