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A drought resistant garden is as lovely as any, the only difference is the plants and the flowers that are planted can substain life with a minimal amount of water. Drought resistant gardens are idea for many different soils. The key to having a successful garden is in the preparation of the soil. By adding organic matter to the soil, before planting, it will greatly increase the water retained by the soil.

When selecting flowers and plants for your garden, remember to look for high tolerance and low maintenance flowers. The following flowers are recommended for drought resistant gardens: Pincushion flower, sedum palmeri, statice, bottlebrush, and red valerian. Each of these plants are low maintenance and require very little water. They are known to flourish in poor exposed conditions.

Planting a drought resistant garden:

1. First, remove rocks and debris and level area. Blend peat moss or compost into the bed to help the soil maintain moisture.

2. Plant the bottlebrush first, try to buy the largest to be able to cast a shade, this will also help maintain moisture.

3.Plant throughout the bed pincushion, in various places about 6 to 7 inches apart.

4. Plant the red valerians in the center, and also trailing down the sides.

5. Finish by planting the sedum and statice. Leave enough around the flowers, to be able to get to for maintenance.

6. After all flowers have been planted, add another layer of compost to help maintain moisture.