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Patio roses are also sometimes called by the name dwarf cluster-flower bush. They are characterized by their dense habit and compact growth. Patio roses have small leaves. Few have any scent, but horticulturalists and lay growers alike, revere them for their 3-11 small clusters. Patio roses provide small clusters that are single to double flowers and appear reliably and repeatedly in flushes from early summer to late autumn.

Patio roses suit small areas and require relatively low maintenance. Like other small rose bushes, patio roses do not require the fertile soil demanded by larger roses, or the extensive pruning. Mainly their care and maintenance amount to routine deadheading with regular removal of dead wood. The plants will also need to be thinned if they become congested. Patio roses are excellent container roses that can beautify your home both indoors and out.

Here are a few suggestions for patio roses to grow in containers. These varieties are reliable container plants that will beautify your surroundings, indoors and out, and be a pleasure to grow.

Anna Ford – hot orange
Shine On – orange and pink
Sunseeker – orange-red with yellow eye
White Pet – bright white
Boy’s Brigade – fiery red
Festival – red
Robin Redbrest – robin red
Little Bo-Peep – pretty pink
Queen Mother – deep pink