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Types of trees

There are two main types of trees. The first type is the angiosperm. This is a flowering plant in which the ovule, or seed, is encased in a protective ovary. This is the largest and most diverse plant group. The second type is the gymnosperm, which does not bear flowers. Their seeds lie in exposed in structures such as cones or cups called arils. This group include about 400 group species.

Before we plant a tree, we need to know the major components of a tree. The major parts of a tree are its roots, trunk, leaves, flowers and seeds. These components play vital roles in a tree's growth, development and reproduction.

Below are a few things you should consider before you plant a tree:

The size of the tree's root system. A tree will take up a significant amount of space in your garden or backyard. Before committing to one, know how much room you're willing to sacrifice for at least two years.

The density of the tree's foliage when it matures. Different flowers and shrubs need different light. Will your tree allow other plants to survive?

The tree's height and width when it matures. Be sure your tree won't overshadow the rest of your garden or your house.

The tree's fortification. A sticky tree will only be an eyesore. You certainly don't want to plant something that will wither at the first cold snap.

Once the tree is planted, it's best to keep it where it is. Moving it can cause severe damage to the root system and it will likely affect all the plants around it which have gotten used to its shade and protection. So, choose carefully, where you would like to plant your tree, before you plant it.