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Finding the right tree to buy for your yard is essential in the process of growing trees. Certain trees work best in certain circumstances and climates. Also, different trees can meet your needs differently. You need a tree that works best for you.

• Figure out how big of a tree you want. Decide how big the tree you put in your yard should be when it is fully grown. Then look at different types of trees that grow to be the particular size you have in mind. Look at how much space you have. You don't want a tree that is going to grow too large during the time you'll own the property.
• Consider your soil type. Different types of soil are best for different trees. Find out which works best for you.
• Consider your climate. Different climates work best for different trees. You wouldn't plant a palm tree in the northern United States, for example. Consider trees that fit best in your climate.
• Ask questions at your nursery. Take all of your care, handling, and climate questions to your local nursery. Find out what they have to say. Ask every question you can think of. They're there to answer your questions and solve your problems. They want to sell you the best tree they can for your particular needs.
• Get a tree with a large root system. If you can buy a tree with a large root system, that is best. A large root system means a tree is healthy and has a good opportunity to establish itself in a new environment. It is ready to grow.
• Buy from a reputable nursery. Know who you're doing business with. You're trusting that they are providing you with a good plant. Buying a tree is an investment. You want to know that you're buying a quality, healthy product from a quality business.
• Buy your tree in the spring. Buying in the spring allows your tree to get used to its new home during the growing season. Whereas, if you'd buy it in the fall months, you're not giving it much opportunity to get a strong, healthy start in your yard.