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Growing houseplants and caring for them is not as difficult as most people think it is. One of my secrets to having beautiful houseplants is to not over water them. I water mine once a week or so. Houseplants love to be sprayed with a light mist of water. Spray them every week or so.
Fertilize your plants with a liquid fertilizer once a month. Place them in indirect sunlight. Some houseplants thrive in a dark corner.

Remember, your plant depends on you for its survival. It depends on you for food and water. Almost any container is suitable for your houseplant. Be sure that the container has good drainage. The air surrounding the houseplants should be moist. Excessive dryness can harm your plant.
Most plants will do very good with temperatures between from 65 degrees to 75 degrees. Buy potting soils that are already mixed. Nitrogen, phosphates, and potash are the basic elements that plants need.

Plants that grow in pots or other containers need regular trimming back in order to keep them attractively shaped and at a size that makes them pleasant to look at.

This is a list of some plants that flower and grow well inside:
African Violet
Bird of Paradise
Christmas Cactus
Passion Flower
Calla Lilly
Foliage Houseplants:
Asparagus Fern
Chinese Evergreen
Rabbits Foot Fern
Boston Fern

Artificial Light:
Florescent lights make it possible for your plants to thrive in the places that you'll enjoy them the most. Even your basement or attic can become a variable greenhouse filled with beautiful flowers. Little money is needed to change a dimly lit spot into an attractive display of healthy plants.

It is very important to the health of your plant to realize when the plant needs to rest. Slow down of growth will happen after a heavy flowering. Tropical plants need rest in the winter months. Symptoms include an absence of new growth, a tired appearance, and yellowing leaves that fall off.