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Growing roses is quite simple if you follow these basic steps. When you start your rose garden you need to look at the soil that you will be planting them in. Good soil is a nice dark brown, rich color. Soil that is red has too much clay in it. Clay can suffocate the roses causing them to die very quickly. Soil that feels very course has too much sand in it. And will not be able to support the roses' needs for nutrition. If you have either one of these types of soil don't worry. We can fix it.

Go to your local gardeners shop or a place that sells potting soil. Depending on the size garden try to find the proper amount of potting soil. Remember that one big bag of potting soil will cover approximately 4 feet or more of ground. (depending on how evenly you spread it) when you start till up the ground with a hoe for small areas and a rot tiller for large spaces. The depth should be at least 12'or 1 ft. Once the ground is tilled completely spread the potting soil evenly over the tilled surface with about 1 inch on top of the soil you just tilled. Then take your hoe or rot tiller and go back over the soil till it is well incorporated and the ground is a deep brown in color. Then comes the fun part picking out your roses go to a Gardner shop or somewhere you trust that sells flowers. Find a rose bush that has a lot of green on it. Brown spots mean that there is very little live in it left. If they also have started to bloom then check also to make sure that the blooms like something you would buy if you were picking out a rose for a loved one. But make sure to check the bush its self for brown spots! As I said brown spots mean it is a sickly plant don't buy them if they have quite a bit of brown spot! Depending on your garden size the rose bushes have to be spread out about a half of a foot to a foot apart so don't go bananas buying roses only get as many as you think will fit in your garden. For example if you have a 4 foot garden by 4 foot garden you should buy 9 or 10 rose bushes that are in good health. Even if you have too many don't worry you can always follow the steps above to make you garden bigger. Also get you 2 buckets one for the roses and one for you to sit on. Trust me you will need it. You will also need some fertilizer try some Miracle Grow. It dose a really good job. You will also need a watering can, if you do not have one. Do not use a garden hose they tend to get the soil too wet and also make the fertlizer too watery. Also this may sound weird but get a 6 pack of beer. I will elaborate on down. When you get home to your garden dig a hole in the ground to give the rose enough room to be put in the ground with out smashing the roots cover them with the soil and make a trench around the rose bush about a half of an inch deep. Put 3 table spoons of the fertilizer in the trench around the rose bush. Then remember the next rose has to be planted a half of a foot to a foot away from the other rose. After you are all through planting your roses and putting the fertilizer around them take your watering can and put for every can of beer add 2 cans of water till your watering can is full. The reason why I say to use beer is because it is a fact that plants love yeast and the active ingredients in beer. With your bear and water mixture. Water the plants lightly just enough that the water will sit in the trench. That is all there is too it except give your roses water ( water only after planting. Only use the beer and water solution every other month till winter stars. And once in the spring.) Every 4 to seven days depending on how dry the soil is. The soil should be moist but not soaking wet. After this process is done sit back and enjoy your roses for years to come. Enjoy!!!!