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This is a great summertime dish that is great for picnics and parties!

2 Lbs green beans
Handful of fresh tarragon leaves
Peanut oil (make sure the oil has a good peanut flavor
White vinegar or lemon juice
Salt and fresh ground pepper

Remove stem ends of green beans. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Blanch the beans for a few minutes until they are almost "al dente". Don't overcook. Beans will continue to cook a little after removing from the water, so keep this in mind when you are judging if they are done or not. The exact cooking time depends on the beans so keep checking as they cook. When beans are done, quickly drain them and spread out in a thin layer to cool.

Chop the tarragon leaves very finely while beans are cooling. Toss the beans in peanut oil while they are still warm, but not hot. Not too much oil, just enough to coat every one. Sprinkle a bit of vinegar or lemon juice over beans and oil and continue tossing. Go very lightly on this - the main flavor should be the oil. Add about half the chopped tarragon and toss somemore. Sprinkle with salt and fresh ground pepper and toss. Depending on taste, add more tarragon, salt and pepper.