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Large French bread loaf
mayonnaise or salad dressing of choice
honey mustard
romaine lettece leaves or iceberg lettuce
sliced tomatoes
sliced raw onion
sliced black olives
sliced garlic dill pickles
thin slices of bell pepper
10 square slices of american cheese (cut in triangles to make 20 slices)
6 large thin slices of baby swiss cheese
3 large thin slices of lean roast beef
3 large thin slices of honey ham
3 large thin slices of smoked turkey


Slice the french bread loaf on each side cutting in and downward to create an incline.
On each piece of the bread, spread the mayonaise or salad dressing and honey mustard.

On the bottom slice of bread, start with the slices of American cheese triangles, layering each piece across the bread. Next cover the cheese with the slices of roast beef. The next layer can be the baby swiss cheese with the green pepper slices and olives. Layer next with the smoked turkey and onion slices. Use more american cheese slices with the next layer along with the honey ham and pickles and more olives if desired. Top with tomato slices and lettue leaves to complete your sub sandwich.

Serve with potato chips or potato salad.