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If you want to make a no bake strawberry cheating cheesecake pie, and dont want to bake one, this recipe will help you accordingly.

The ingredients here are very simple, and all you need to help you set the pie is a refrigerator.

And the recipe to do this is very easy, not a lot of ingredients needed, and you can use all sorts of fruit.
Not just strawberries.

The other types of fruit you can use are as follows :

Apples, blueberries, peaches, blackberries, and others too numerous to name.

What is even good, is that you can do this pie for diabetics, and it has no sugar in it at all.

So if you have a relative who has a no sugar diet, he / she can indulge with this pie, and not feel guilty at all.
That means everyone can have a piece of the pie here, and no one is left out too.

Which is very nice and great (Don't you like it when there is a pie that everyone can eat as well?).

1. Get a container of Non Dairy topping (If a big sized one you use one,if small,you use both), one container cream cheese (Any brand will do) softened to room temperature, one container of strawberries, one graham cracker crust pie shell, and fruit pie glaze.

2. In medium mixing bowl combine the non dairy whipped topping, and the cream cheese.

3. While they are mixing slowly,(A good speed number I use on my electronic mixer to mix such is 5.)take the container of strawberries, rinse them, and very carefully decap (cut out) both the stems and leaves off the strawberries with a very sharp knife.

4. After that while the whipped topping and the cream cheese are still mixing in mixing bowl on slow, take your decapped strawberries, and (while still using a sharp knife.) cut the strawberries into 2 halves.

5. After you mixed the ingredients together, take your pie shell, and put the mixture into it carefully.

6. Then, take your halved strawberries, and put them on the top of your pie.
7. After doing that, carefully snip off a corner of the bagged pie glaze, and pour it all over the strawberries on your pie slowly.

8. Then put the pie into the refrigerator.

9. Let chill for one hour.

10. Invite a few friends over, cut into the pie and enjoy.

11. Serves 12.

12. If your friends want seconds, I would recommend making a second pie as well.