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This is one of my recipes for chicken. If you are like me and love your food hot and spicy, you will love this recipe. I love to cook, and come up with new recipes because I get bored with the same old ones. Here is a list of what you will need to get started.

1. A pound of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

2. A bottle of Dale's steak seasoning.

3. A jar of lemon pepper seasoning.

4. A jar of cayenne red pepper.

5. Black pepper

6. Season all seasoning.

Now that you have all the ingredients you need, let's get started cooking. Here is what you need to do.

1. Take the boneless chicken and cut it into small chunks, about 1 inch in size.

2. Put your chicken in a bowl and pour in the Dale's seasoning, let it soak for about a hour in it.

3. Take the lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and season all. Pour all of these into a bowl and mix them together.

4. Take a skillet and turn your stove on medium to high.

5. Take the chicken chunks out of the Dale's seasoning and begin to roll them into the seasoning in the other bowl.

6. Once you have them completely covered drop them into the skillet and let them cook.

7. Once you get all of the chicken in the skillet continue to roll them around to keep them from burning. They usually don't take over 10 minutes to be done.

Well if you followed the directions you now have your spicy chicken chunks done. Now you just have to decide what you want to go with them. Anything will go with these, they are great. I hope you enjoy the recipe, and enjoy them as much as I do.