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The basis for any good soup is the base, or what is referred to as the stock. A stock is produced by boiling meat until cooked, and refrigerating broth until cold so as to remove fat. This stock can be used in a variety of dishes, from vegetables to main course. Remember to leave skin and fat on meats when boiling because they contain flavor. Fatty deposits will be removed upon refrigerating broth after boiling and removing meat and vegetables.

Below is a recipe for basic and easy chicken soup. Feel free to experiment with it.

Chicken Stock
Cooked Chicken
Additional spices or ingredients you choose

Simply put the chicken stock and the seasonings into a large pot and start heating it. Next take the cooked chicken, carrots, and celery, cut them up, and dump them in the pot. Boil for awhile until the carrots and celery are cooked. Add the rice and boil for about ten minutes. Enjoy.