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Looking for a great potato recipe to complement your meal?? Here are 5 great potato recipes for you to try.

--Sweet Potato Fries - After scrubbing potatos, slice lenghtwise into thin strips. Coat with olive oil and place under broiler or on the grill until they are tender. If you are in a hurry, microwave them for 5 minutes first before broiling/grilling.

--Twice Baked Potatos - After scrubbing idaho potatos, bake in oven until tender when pierced with fork. Cut the top quarter of the potato off and scoop out inside. Mix inside with sour cream, chives and cheddar cheese. Put back in oven under broiler for 3-4 minutes until top gets crispy. Save top halves for potato skins.

--Potato Skins -- Bake potatos until tender. Cut off top quarter . Brush with butter and top with bacon bits, green onion and broil until skins are crispy. Serve with a side of sour cream.

--Dill New Potatos -- Buy very small tred baby potatos. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with dill, chives and basil. Bake until tender and serve each with a dollop of sour cream. (This dish is also great as an appetizer).

--Breakfast Filled Potatos -- Bake potatos until tender. Scoop off top quarter and fill with scrambled or poached egg, bacon bits, etc. Save the top quarter to use for potato skins.