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Prawn pulavu


Pulavu rice 250 grams

Prawns 250 grams

Ghee 3 tablespoon

Garlic 2 nos

Crushed spring 2 nos

Cloves 4 nos

Cardamom 2 nos

Ginger small piece

Salt to taste

Chilly powder ½ teaspoon

Turmeric powder

Kismis 50 grams

Cashew nuts 50 grams


Clean and wash the prawns. Marinate Salt chilly powder and turmeric. Fry well in oil and keep.. Wash rice well and strain. Keep a vessel in stove and fry rice in ghee. When it becomes light brown in color remove it from the stove. Fry the crushed items in ghee and add a tablespoon of water. Cook the rice half with little water and salt. Mix it with masalas and fried prawns. Fry nuts and kismis in a tablespoon of ghee and add. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Beetroot salad


Grated beetroot ½ cup

Greenchillies 2 nos

Curd 2 cups

Salt to taste

Sugar ½ teaspoon


Mix greenchillies and salt with beetroot. Add curd and mix well. garnish with curry leaves. Fry ½ teaspoon mustard seeds and 2 pieces of red chillipieces in oil and add according to taste.