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8-10 Medium to Large pickles (Crisp Kosher pickles are reccommended)
16 oz plain cream cheese
1 pound thin sliced lean ham (Use honey ham for best results)

Instructions to assemble Crispy Pickle Wraps:

Organize your workspace on a table or counter top. Remove pickles from the jar to let the juice drip off before starting and place on a plate. Place the thin sliced lean ham on a plate by the pickles. Open the cream cheese and taking the cheese by a butter knife or your fingers, spread the cream cheese on the pickle covering it so you cannot see the pickle. Next, wrap the ham around the pickle, using two slices each. As you wrap each pickle, put aside in a container, and when complete with all the pickles, chill until ready to serve.

When you are ready to serve your guests, slice each pickle thinly, carefully to keep the ham wrapped on the slice, and place on a serving plate. If desired, you can stick a toothpick in the slice to hold the ham in place, but these usually hold together quite well without them.

If you do choose to slice them ahead I reccomend no longer than a hour or two ahead. layer them with waxed paper, but noting the moisture from the pickles can seep through the paper if left too long before serving.

These are great snacks at holiday gatherings and are the first things to get eaten and a favorite of the kids.