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As early as 1750 B.C., the hunter-gatherers of Africa were eating ostrich meat and benefiting from it's nutrients. Through out the years, ostrich meat has gained popularity and become known as "the other red meat."

The Other Red Meat
Ostrich is an exotic alternative to some of the more traditional red meats. Naturally low in fat, cholesterol, sodium and calories, ostrich is high on protein and iron, making it more nutritious than chicken, beef or lamb. Extremely versatile and easy to prepare, ostrich is cooked by some of the finest chefs in the world.

Ostrich meat is a red meat that has a bite and texture similar to that of beef. Because of this, ostrich meat can easily replace beef in almost any recipe.

How to Cook
Ostrich meat is a tender red meat that is easy to prepare and cook. Depending on the cut, ostrich can be roasted, cured, stir fried, baked, grilled, broiled and even pan fried. Because ostrich is low in fat, it cooks significantly faster than other meat products. For this reason, cooking ostrich to a well done temperature is never recommended. Steaks should be cooked only to a medium rare temperature of 140-160 to retain optimum flavor and nutrients.

Steaks and Roasts
Thermometer testing is recommended when cooking ostrich. Remember to cook quickly and always monitor the temperature, never cooking past 140-160 degrees.

Tender cuts consist of and will be labeled as the Inside Strip, Back Tender, Fan, Top Strip, Oyster and Outside Strip. These cuts require quick cooking and a watchful eye. All can be cooked as steaks or roasts and can be broiled, grilled, pan fried or baked.

Medium tender cuts are the Pearl, Tip, Inside Leg, Outside Leg and Outside Thigh. Leg areas tend to need some tenderizing and then can be broiled, grilled, pan fried or baked as you would a beef steak. The Pearl and Tip areas can be roasted, grilled or broiled.

All steaks should be cooked to the likeness of rare to medium rare beef appearance. Internal roasting temperatures of 140-degrees are recommended. Ostrich should never be overcooked.



Ingredients (Four Servings)
8 4 oz Ostrich Burgers
4 Zucchini
Orange Marmalade 2T
Garlic Butter
Juice of 2 oranges
Olive Oil and Butter

Method: Pan fry the ostrich burgers in a little olive oil and 8-4 tablespoons of butter until cooked. Cut zucchini into thin slices lengthways. Shallow fry zucchini in butter until just cooked. Squeeze oranges and put juice and marmalade into a pan and reduce. Add a little grated orange peel and cook. Serve Burgers with zucchini and marmalade and place a small amount of garlic butter onto the ostrich burgers and garnish with parsley.

Ostrich Stroganoff
for 2 Persons

Medium sized Ostrich steak cut
Dash of salt and pepper
1/4 cup onion
1 cup fresh Mushrooms
1/2 cup beef bouillon
2T Dijon Mustard
1/4 cup Sour Cream
Cream of Mushroom soup (1 can)

Cut steak into thin, narrow strips and salt and pepper. Saute the slices of meat and set aside. Saute onions and mushrooms in butter and season with salt and pepper. Add sour cream and cream of mushroom soup. Add beef bullion. Stir, but do not allow to boil. Re add meat mixture. Serve over buttered noodles.

Char Grilled Ostrich Steak
2 Persons

Large Ostrich top loin
Olive Oil 1/4 cup
Roast Potato
Two small Tomatoes
Red Pepper
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil

Prepare the vegetables, slicing each into thin pieces. Place vegetables in a bowl and dress with 1 part vinegar to 4 parts oil. Brush steak with olive oil, season and char grill on medium heat. Place vegetable salad on a plate, garish with roast potato, fresh basil and top with Ostrich steak.

Ostrich Vegetable Soup

1 Ostrich Neck
Stock Seasoning or Beef Bullion
Onion 1 cup
Diced Carrots 1 cup
Tomatoes 1/4 cup
Parsley 1t
Barley 1 cup

Combine all ingredients together in saucepan. Cook slowly for about 4 hours.

Barbecued Ostrich Steaks
Serves 6

3 cups Tender ostrich meat cut into steak size slices
1TB Lemon juice
2TB Dijon Mustard
1 small onion sliced
Salt and pepper

Tenderize meat with tenderizing hammer. Dip meat into Lemon juice and rub with mustard. Place in dish and layer meat with onions. Let stand 2-4 hours. Before meat is placed on the barbecue grill, remove from dish and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Grill meat to your desire.

Asian Ostrich Medallions
Serves two

One medium to large sized Ostrich Fillet
Two TB Sesame Oil
1/2 t Cracked black pepper
1/2 cup Shallot, chopped
1/2 cup Ostrich stock
1 clove chopped garlic
1/2 t piece fresh ginger, chopped
1t Dark Soy sauce
Fresh Coriander, chopped

Stir fry vegetable bean sprouts, green Chinese vegetables, mushrooms, snow peas and sesame oil. Rub Ostrich with cracked black pepper and sesame oil and set aside. Place shallot and stock into a saucepan and reduce by two thirds, add chili flakes, garlic and ginger, continue to reduce until sauce begins to thicken slightly. Whisk in the butter away from heat and add coriander and Soya sauce. Keep sauce warm. Heat a heavy base pan, add ostrich and cook until medium. Set aside and rest. Heat sesame oil and add vegetable, toss frequently staying on high heat for approximately 2-3 minutes. Place on the center of the plate, top with ostrich medallion and finish with the sauce.