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There is nothing quite like a perfect omelette to brighten up your breakfast. Here are some tips for making great omelettes and a few recipes for you to try.

When you choose your pan, try and use one that is non-stick and even if it is non-stick, start by spraying some vegetable oil all around the pan. Turn the flame on a medium heat and let the pan heat up a little before pouring your eggs in. For a creamier omelette, try mixing a little milk in with eggs and beat well.

Once you pour the eggs in, wait until the outer edge thickens a bit before moving the eggs around. If you start bringing the outside in too quickly, the omelette will fall apart. Once you have nice, firm eggs, add your filling ( try one of the fillings listed below) and flip one side with a large, rounded spatula.

For a fluffy omelette, stick the whole pan in the oven at 350 for 2 minutes to really melt all the ingredients. If you've done this properly, the omelette will slide right out of the pan and onto your plate.

Try one of the following fillings/combinations for a great-tasting omelette:

Goat Cheese and tarragon
Cheddar cheese and bacon
Blue cheese crumbles
Chopped ham and swiss cheese
Cream cheese and pieces of lox (smoked salmon)

Happy eating!