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When you drop by in Semarang, the capital of Central Java Province, Indonesia, three kinds of food are not to be missed: cooked milkfish, wingko babat, and lumpia. The lumpia first, since people always make themselves busy to browse the city to hunt boxes of them. Don't be surprised when you find out that it is a snack with the main taste of bamboo shoots.

To enjoy the snack, come in the evening. You will fins tat its crispy crunch fits your evening tea, even though it will fill you up. In its original restaurant, the waiter will dish it up laid on a sheet of banana leaf ( the banana leaf blends with the heat from the freshly fried lumpia and produces a particular mouth-watering smell). It's served with the sauce, small green chilies, and pickles. Some people believe that lumpia brings back your energy and refreshes your mind because all materials are fresh and healthy.

In Semarang, there are a lot of places to enjoy lumpia. Many stores on Pandanaran Street sell the cookies in packages, or you can find a famous one on Gang Lombok Street and finish it on the spot. Lumpia are usually sold for Rp. 2700,00 - Rp. 3000,00 a piece. They will be packed in bamboo boxes called besek, to keep them crisp up to a day after the plane lands. Just in case you take them for family and friends, keep in mind that it contains no preservatives and best served when hot, so it's suitable not to take longer than a day to consume it.

There are two kinds of lumpia. One called "lumpia basah" (lumpia with raw sheet) and the other is "lumpia goreng" (fried lumpia). It's originally a Chinese cuisine and a number of families have developed their family recipes in generations for the perfect formula. The business started in the early 1900s. Even so, the process is not a difficult course to try at home. White sheets are sold frozen in supermarkets. Just defrost them for a minute and put the bamboo shoot mixture on it. Make sure the shoots are the fresh ones, cleaned, boiled and finely chopped. Mix it well with other ingredients such as minced meat, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, nutmeg and vegetable oil. Fold it as an envelope, wait until the oil boils in your wok, and plunge it in. The cookie is done when the color is light brown.