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Making wine at home is a simple process. The hardest part is waiting for nature to take its course.

When making wine at home, there are a few items you will need beforehand:

1 Quart Fruit
2 Cups Sugar
1 Package Yeast
1 Gallon Water
Gallon Jug or Container

First, you need to get 1 quart of fresh fruit. Any kind will work. (Personally, I use wild blackberries and it makes a wonderful wine.) Crush and blend fruit together.

Second, dissolve the sugar in 1 cup of hot water, mixing thoroughly.

Third, in two cups of warm water, dissolve yeast. (The yeast will foam a little bit.)

Fourth, add your mixture of cooled sugar-water to the fruit.

Fifth, add yeast. You need to make sure that your mixture is fairly cool, or the yeast won't work.

Sixth, finish filling jug with remaining water. (Don't worry if your yeast bubbles a little, this is expected.)

Seventh, cover and place in a dark spot where no sunshine will reach your container.

After two or three weeks, you need to strain mixture through collander. (Some people even do it through filters to make sure the wine isn't lumpy.) Pour your wine into containers and let it sit for a few weeks to age. It's not neccessary to age your wine, but it will have a slightly strange taste to it if you don't.

Note: We use an old churn that is thick and allows the mixture to remain in a dark container during brewing and allows no sunshine inside. Also, it is a container large enough to hold a larger amount if you plan on doubling the recipe.