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If you love homemade ice cream but find many reasons why you can't make it, such as not having the time or perhaps you do not have and feel you can't afford the equipment to make it; this is the perfect recipe to prove you are wrong. The next time you are at the market pick up the following: Two quarts of heavy whipping cream, one quart half and half, six fresh peaches and two cans of Eagle brand milk.
When you get home, begin by peeling and dicing the peaches. Place them in a bowl with 1\2 cup of sugar stirred in and set them aside for half an hour. You do not want to refrigerate the peaches and sugar because allowing them to set at room temperature will help dissolve the sugar. In a second bowl, blend the two quarts of whipping cream, one quart of half and half and one can of Eagle brand milk. Stir this mixture only until blended. You do not want to stiffen the whipping cream. Allow this mixture to reach room temperature.
After approximately 1\2 hour, add the peach mixture to the cream mixture. Place in a plastic container with a lid that will not leak then gently shake the peach ice cream about 25 times. Place the container in the freezer and allow to sit for one hour or until the peach ice cream is beginning to show signs of freezing. Remove the container and gently shake it again. You are doing this to keep the ingredients in the ice cream from separating and to insure that all the peaches do not settle in the bottom. Return to the freezer and repeat this process once every hour for the next two hours or until the peach ice cream has thickened enough that the ingredients are no longer separating.
Allow the peach ice cream to finish freezing and then you are ready to serve. You will find that unlike many homemade ice creams which have been placed in the freezer, this homemade peach ice cream is easily spooned out of the bowl.