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Our babies are our future. Why wouldn't we want to feed them the best there is to offer? Usually it is a matter of convenience. Sometimes it is a matter of budget. Either way you look at it, there is no reason to cheat our babies of a healthy body. There are quick and inexpensive alternatives to mass-produced baby food that ensure your baby is getting the nutrition necessary for a healthy start on life.

Of course, any vegetable is good (preferably organic). It is simply a matter of boiling just until soft, then pureeing. However, it is the combination of certain vegetables or vegetables and grains that is important for extra flavor and nutritional value. For example, just think of one of your favorite combinations of vegetables. One of mine is mashed potatoes and corn. The starchiness is balanced perfectly by the sweetness of the corn. You can't find this combination in the baby food section of the grocery store, and it would not taste as good as homemade anyway. Also, it is important when serving a legume such as peas to include rice. The starch from the rice aids the assimilation of protein from the peas.

When a baby is first introduced to solid food, their digestive tract has a little trouble adjusting. What used to be a very simple elimination process is suddenly something they have to work to accomplish. A good way to help them through this painful transistion is to include natural laxatives such as prunes or blueberries - pureed with a complementary fruit. Adding water or juice to baby's diet is a way to keep things moving more smoothly.

If you want your child to appreciate the natural flavor of fruits and vegetables, do not add any sugar or salt. They will add enough to their diets as adults! These 2 seasonings are very overwhelming, masking the delicious flavor Mother Nature has already added.

Now here are some recipe ideas. Remember to use the same techniques with your favorite vegetables.

Boil an ear of corn just until tender. At the same time boil a small, peeled potato. Run some cool water over the corn after cooking to cool. Combine the corn and potato in a blender and puree until all dangerous chunks are gone.

Blueberries and bananas complement each other well. Puree and serve.

Soak unsalted tortilla chips in breast milk or rice milk just until soft. Puree with avocado. (Some people think this one is strange, but my baby loves it.)

Other favorite combinations:
lentils, carrots and rice
corn and butternut squash

All of these meals should be refrigerated after serving. They will keep for 3-5 days.