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A Hawaiian Luau (feast) made & served in your own kitchen or out on the lawn. Decorate your table with non-toxic flowers & leaves found in your own garden. Wear muumuus & aloha shirts, and flowers over your ear or pinned in your hair. Leis can be made by stringing any kind of flower or large seeds with a needle & thread. Play Hawaiian music. In Hawaii, Luaus are celebrated at 1st Birthdays, Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings & Anniversaries, etc.

When a dish is delicious, we call it, "Ono" or "Onolicious"!

Ono Hawaiian Luau Menu:

Kalua Pig ("Baked" Pork)
Lomilomi Salmon
Chicken Long Rice
Haupia Dessert (Coconut Dessert)

8 lbs. Pork Butt
1 1/2 Tblsp. Hawaiian Salt/reg. salt
1 C Water
3 garlic cloves (minced)
Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp. Allspice
2 tsp. pepper
1 Tblsp. Basil leaves
4 Tbsp. Liquid Smoke
Aluminum Foil

Cut pork butt into 2" cubes and rub with salt, pepper and garlic. Next, rub with Liquid Smoke and squirt Worcestershire sauce all over pork cubes. Sprinkle with allspice and basil leaves. Wrap prepared pork cubes in foil and place on rack in shallow oven roasting pan. Add water to the bottom of the pan and bake 5 hours at 400 degrees. When cooked, open the foil and shred the pork with a fork or your fingers. Serve on ti leaves, banana leaves or spinach. Garnish with flowering (non-toxic) blossoms such as orchids or even fern. Serves 8 - 10 .

POI: baked (originally in an underground oven using hot rocks) taro root; mashed & mixed with water continuously to a watery paste. Eaten as a starch. Available in can, carton, plastic bags or dehydrated.

LOMI SALMON: 1 lb. salted king salmon
6 large, fresh red-ripe tomatoes
4 stalks green onions (scallion)
1 large white onion
8 ice cubes
1 lemon

Soak the salmon in cold water for 2 or 3 hours. Change the water on the hour. Drain well. Remove the skin and bones from the salmon. In a bowl, cut salmon into small cubes.

Chop green onions, including tops. Chop white onion. Cut tomatoes.

Combine the salmon, both types of onions, and tomatoes. Lomi lomi (massage) mixture with hands for a minute or two. Add ice cubes. Squeeze salmon, onions, tomatoes & 3 ice cubes through the fingers until all the pieces are broken up. Chill.

Garnish with lemon slices & served in a bowl or shell surrounded by crushed ice.

CHICKEN LONG RICE: 3 lbs. chicken
1 thumb size ginger
3 cloves garlic
2 stalks green onion
2 pkgs. long rice
4 cups water
3 tsps. salt
1 tsp pepper

Cover chicken with 4 cups water; add ginger and salt. Simmer until chicken is tender (about 1 hour). Cool. Bone chicken and cut into bite-sized pieces.

Cover long rice with warm water and let stand 1/2 hour; drain and cut into 4-inch lengths.

Remove ginger from broth. Add long rice, green onion, remaining salt, peper, and chicken. bring to a boil and simmer 10 minutes. Garnish with additional chopped green onion.

HAUPIA DESSERT: 1 c. coconut milk
6 tbsp. cornstarch
pinch salt
2 c. fresh milk
6 tbsp. sugar

Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl. Butter a shallow pan.

Gradually add 1/2 cup of coconut milk and 1 cup of fresh milk to the dry ingeredients and blend to a smooth paste.

In a saucepan, heat the remaining coconut and fresh milk. Add cornstarch mixutre, stirring continually until smooth and thickened. pour into a shllow pan. Let cool and set until firm. Cut into squares.

Serve all dishes in beautiful bowls, or shells & garnished with non-toxic flowers & leaves. Halved fruits, such as Papaya, mango, pineapple, & other fruits can be served. A mixed punch of various fruit juices can be served, rum added if you desire.