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No trip to Hawaii is complete without experiencing the fine food and drinks of the island. Of course, you need to sample the island’s seafood. And, of course you need to try at least one drink that comes in a coconut shell or with an umbrella or sparklers.

You do need to keep in mind the laws of Hawaii, however. You can only buy alcohol in markets and shops, which are typically open only during the day. The legal drinking age is 18, and you can bring your own alcohol to dinner or buy alcohol at the restaurant or drinking establishment. But there are plenty of bars available to you in the Hawaiian islands, as well. Most places are open until either 4 or 6 a.m.

• Singapore Sling. A gin and brandy drink mixed with lemon juice. Typically the gin used is sparkling and the brandy is cherry.
• Chi chi. This is a vodka treat. It is somewhat milky, but quite delicious. It’s made of pineapple and coconut.
• Mai tai. This drink is a famous one that incorporates several different types of rum and plenty of fruit. You’ll taste both light and dark rums, along with oranges and lemons.
• Blue Hawaii. This drink is simple but lethal. A mix of vodka and blue curacao.
• Planter’s punch. Another rum drink with lemon juice and grenadine.
• Kona coffee. Even if you don’t try this with Bailey’s or another alcohol, you need to drink it while you’re on the island. It’s the only coffee grown in the United States.
• Primo beer. This is a beer brewed on the islands. It’s got a light flavor that many people like.
• Maui Lager. This is a beer brewed–guess where!–on Maui. It’s a lager German beer and is made at the Pacific Brewing Company in Wailuku.